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Brent Scrivner

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Mónica Aguirre

           Certified Rolfer™          

"I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, both chronic conditions that cause widespread pain and fatigue.  After many years of being medicated and seeing very limited results I decided to find an alternative treatment. I have been going to Monica for both yoga and rolfing sessions which have helped me immensely to heal my body. Since working with her my symptoms have subsided.  I am pain free and less fatigued, and my mobility, range of motion and strength have increased. I was able to get off of all my medications and for the first time in 10 years I can engage in any activity with no pain, fear and without the aid of prescription drugs. I am a very active person and I used to injure myself frequently.  I am proud to say I have not incurred any injuries since our sessions began. She has helped me to connect my mind with my body, and to find space and independence in my joints through movement and breathing. She has helped me to understand and be aware of my patterns of movement, especially those I have acquired to compensate for lack of mobility and pain; and to re-teach my body to align properly and to move in the most efficient way.  

Monica is a wonderful practitioner with a deep understanding of the human body, as well as great intuition and sensitivity.  As a yoga and fitness instructor, personal trainer and rolfer she has a wide breadth of expertise that she combines to tackle issues with the body in a holistic way. She conducts her practice full heartedly, in a warm, kind, fun and engaging way. She tailors the sessions according to your needs and development. She is generous with her knowledge and she empowers you with tools to continue exploring and understanding your body to enhance the healing process.

After each session I feel at peace, reconnected, and in touch with my inner strength.  I am very fortunate to have found Monica and her practice. It has truly changed my life"

Akemi Akachi