What People are Saying About...

Brent Scrivner

          Certified Rolfer™          

"Brent is a thoughtful and conscientious practitioner. He involved me in the Rolfing experience answering all my many and varied questions and providing insightful responses as it progressed. The process evolves organically under Brent’s experienced hands and the change throughout the 10 Series is noticeable both in the physical body as well as the subtle body or spirit. From each session my awareness would expand from the previous session encompassing many aspects of my life. I felt better, I slept better, I enjoyed life itself more. The positive effects of the process as applied by Brent cannot be understated. It was such a transformative experience that I eagerly signed up for a second series." -Keith Bartlett

"Through Rolfing SI I became more aware of my body and how I exist and work within myself. And the effects have been both amazing and lasting. Brent helped me to identify and start to correct muscular imbalances from my scoliosis. I’m more flexible in my hamstrings, and my back and hip pain are finally manageable. I feel completely different in my body – I breathe better, I move better and have improved posture (something my husband has said is visibly noticeable). I am very proud to be one of Brent’s clients and whole-heartedly recommend his services to anyone looking to bring balance to their bodies."

- Tracy dePass