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Brent Scrivner

          Certified Rolfer™          

"Brent is a thoughtful and conscientious practitioner. He involved me in the Rolfing experience answering all my many and varied questions and providing insightful responses as it progressed. The process evolves organically under Brent’s experienced hands and the change throughout the 10 Series is noticeable both in the physical body as well as the subtle body or spirit. From each session my awareness would expand from the previous session encompassing many aspects of my life. I felt better, I slept better, I enjoyed life itself more. The positive effects of the process as applied by Brent cannot be understated. It was such a transformative experience that I eagerly signed up for a second series." -Keith Bartlett

"Through Rolfing SI I became more aware of my body and how I exist and work within myself. And the effects have been both amazing and lasting. Brent helped me to identify and start to correct muscular imbalances from my scoliosis. I’m more flexible in my hamstrings, and my back and hip pain are finally manageable. I feel completely different in my body – I breathe better, I move better and have improved posture (something my husband has said is visibly noticeable). I am very proud to be one of Brent’s clients and whole-heartedly recommend his services to anyone looking to bring balance to their bodies."

- Tracy dePass

Mónica Aguirre

           Certified Rolfer™          

“What I like best about my experience so far with Monica is that I am learning a lot about my body. My torn ACL on my left knee often makes me walk crooked or limp slightly and Monica has been able to show me how to correct that and work on moving in a way that is best for my body. Rolfing coupled with gentle joint movement is really unique and I recommend this to everyone, injury or no injury “Jennifer Kidson


“Before I met Monica, I had literally held my breath for decades. I was referred to her to help access patterns of holding that are emotional as well as physical. Monica does gentle, sensitive, and effective work. Her practice is also warm, intuitive, creative, playful, thoughtful and kind. She taught me to connect with my breath without fear, and helped me to discover more length, space and ease in my body. I have not been this pain-free (I am over 50), in many years. I found Rolfing to be an excellent complement to other personal development work. It has helped me to reconnect with my body - emotionally, physically, and spiritually—and move toward greater confidence, peace and joy. Thank you, Monica!” Kathleen Therriault


“I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about this Rolfing thing. However, I had worked with Monica before when I was having pain and had always felt better afterwards, so I thought, why not give it a try. I have anyways been a fairly 'achy' person overall. I was constantly sore after exercising, yoga, or during periods of stress. However, over the course of the 10 series, I have found myself less sore overall and my body seems to release stress a lot quicker than it used to. Two of my most dramatic results from my 10 series are the lasting changes to my breath and my posture. I have fairly severe asthma, which I have dealt with all of my life. In one of our early sessions, Monica focused on opening up the fascia around my lungs. After the session, when she asked me to take a deep breath, I was amazed! The way my chest expands and contracts when I breath had completely changed. I have sustained this improvement and am now able to take deeper, fuller breaths. My second dramatic result is my posture. I've always walked in a rather slumped fashion, staring at the floor (just ask my mom). However, I am now able to stand up and walk properly. Going through the Rolfing sessions was also a positive experience from an emotional perspective. I went through these sessions at an important yet emotional time in my life, and Monica was always there to hold the space with me as these emotions flowed through.  I'm very happy I went through the 10 series with Monica. She was a very collaborative and professional throughout, and really focused on what I wanted to get out of it. I would gladly recommend her services to everyone“ Jessica Watts


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