Session Rates

Rolfing® SI Session

75-90 mins .  .  .$150


Cancellation Policy (Vancouver)

Appointment cancellations must be given with 24-hour advanced notice. If notice is not given within 24 hours, the full fee of the appointment is charged. We understand that sudden emergencies can happen and in this case you will not be charged, but some notice is appreciated if you are unable to keep the appointment.

What to wear for your session:

Most clients wear underwear during sessions which for female clients includes a bra. If more comfortable and preferred, female clients can wear a two-piece bathing suit like underwear, or shorter length shorts (loose cotton or stretchy yoga variety) and a sports bra if it doesn’t cover too much of the back. Male clients can wear shorts, but no knee-length styles. You feeling comfortable is most important, but keep in mind that for the work to be most effective, it’s important to be able to see and work with your upper legs and mid back.

Personal Hygeine:

Cleanliness is important for you and for us. Please try to come to your session clean, including hands, feet, and scalp. Also, please refrain from wearing oils, lotions, and perfumes/colognes to your session as they might interfere with the work.