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What is Rolfing® Structural Integration?


We live, work, and play in gravity, and when our body’s structure is aligned and has balance, we feel good and we’re strong in the foundation of our feet. Gravity works for us and centers us like a skyscraper.  But through time, repetitive stress, and events such as accidents and traumas, our structure changes and becomes imbalanced. Gravity starts dragging us down and isn’t centering at all. Our shoulders might roll forward or back; our spines might get twisted; and our hips might stiffen. It takes more effort for our bodies to do everything! We might experience chronic discomfort and even pain, our imbalances might show up as conditions that make us sick, or we might just forget what it feels like to feel good in our bodies.


The work of Rolfing Structural Integration, developed by biochemist Dr. Ida Rolf, aims to restore the structure of the body to a better state of balance in gravity. We do this by working to reorganize the fascia, the connective soft tissue that holds everything in our bodies together, through hands-on touch and movement to facilitate your body rebuilding its strong support in gravity.

Benefits of Rolfing SI

Everybody is different and will respond to Rolfing SI in his or her own unique way, while always moving towards more structural balance. Some general benefits can include:

•  Relief from chronic pain or tension
•  Improved posture
•  Increased range of motion and flexibility
•  More strength and ease of movement
•  Increased energy 
•  Better body awareness

•  Lasting results 

Dr. Ida Rolf working


The "Little Boy Logo" showing the before and after organization of Rolfing SI. Before, body segments are shifted and rotated out of alignment, and after the body segments are organized.

This short video from fellow Rolfer, Brian Johnson, explains more on what Rolfing SI is and how it works.

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