About Me


Brent Scrivner

        RMT and Certified Rolfer™        


I've always believed in the body’s inherent wisdom to find change. I wasn't clear on what that change could be exactly, but I knew deep down our bodies seek out balance where they can, and sometimes need help removing the obstacles to find it. I'd felt some of those obstacles in my own body and mind shift through study and practice of yoga, which led me to become a certified yoga teacher. But, it wasn’t until studying Rolfing SI that the real potential for development and change in the body became more clear.


I began to see that the body's structure is fluid, constantly changing and connected as we move through gravity, even when we feel like we're standing still. I began to understand how our postural habits can make and break us and be reconsidered. I learned the brilliant process of Rolfing SI which Ida Rolf described as "the yoga you would do for yourself if you could". I delight in providing Rolfing SI, Ida Rolf's "yoga", for my clients. Each session gives me an opportunity to continue answering the question of what's possible and how we can move the obstacles that stand in the way of our balance, our comfort, and our lives.