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About Me

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In my experience I've learned that the human structure is incredibly fluid, constantly changing as it moves through gravity, even when it looks like it’s standing still. Sometimes that natural fluidity meets blockages, tissue restrictions, or


functional limitations, and the body needs a bit of help to overcome those challenges.


I believe that Rolfing SI is an excellent tool in meeting these challenges which I combine with his explorations of Cranio Sacral Therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment Technique, and Thai Massage. I see every session as an opportunity to continue answering the question of what’s possible and how we can better remove the obstacles that stand in our way.


In addition to being a Rolfer, I am also a teacher of Ashtanga Yoga. When I'm not working, I love calisthenics, exploring movement, and enjoying what life has to offer with my wife and dog.

"Brent helped me to identify and start to correct muscular imbalances from my scoliosis. I’m more flexible in my hamstrings, and my back and hip pain are finally manageable. I feel completely different in my body – I breathe better, I move better and have improved posture..."

Tracy dP


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