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Does it hurt? 

This is the question that we hear most. Rolfing SI developed a reputation for being very painful in its earliest days, but over time the work has gained a more nuanced approach. When tissue is tight and restricted, it's true it can cause discomfort, but we strive to keep the work within your levels of comfort. For different people that can mean completely different things which is why we will always check in with you during a session. 

What do I wear?

Most clients wear underwear during sessions which for female clients includes a bra. If more comfortable and preferred, female clients can wear a two-piece bathing suit like underwear, or shorter length shorts (loose cotton or stretchy yoga variety) and a sports bra if it doesn’t cover too much of the back. Male clients can wear shorts, but no knee-length styles. You feeling comfortable is most important, but keep in mind that for the work to be most effective, it’s important to be able to see and work with your upper legs and mid back.

How is Rolfing SI different than massage?

Rolfing SI is different than massage in many ways, but if you were to look in on a session of both, it might be hard to tell the difference at first. Here are three important distinctions. 

  1. Massage focuses more on relaxation of muscles and reducing the symptoms of discomfort, on what hurts, whereas Rolfing SI is more concerned with why you might have tension or discomfort to begin with and working to sort out the cause.

  2. When you receive massage, you might try to focus on your breath, but you lie mostly still and quiet to receive the work. With Rolfing SI, a session is much more interactive. Communication and movement are important factors in this work. You’ll walk and carry out simple movements before, during, and after sessions so that we can assess and better target your body’s needs.

  3. Individual Massage sessions can have a set of goals for the given time such as relieving present       discomfort, but Rolfing SI is a very clear system with a beginning, middle, and end where each        session builds directly on the last toward an overall sense of better organization.

Do I have to do 10 sessions?

The 10-series system is the hallmark of Rolfing SI, so if you're interested in having the full experience, this is it. However, we recommend coming for 1-3 sessions to get a better sense of the work before feeling like you need to commit to anything more. After completing the 10-Series, some people choose to continue to receive additional ongoing sessions for the purpose of maintenance or continued exploration. Others feel like repeating the series after some time has passed. We recognize that everyone has different needs and ideas around their wellness, and our aim is to honor whatever that is for you. 

How much time between sessions?

Typically clients book session once a week or every two weeks. This is not a requirement, but it is important to note that Rolfing SI is a progressive system where each session builds off the previous one, so spacing sessions out too far can sometimes result in the body falling back into old patterns. 

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